The Selection Of Mother's Day Flowers

There are numerous factors to consider when selecting mother's day flowers. The style and size of your bouquet as well as the manner that it is delivered should all be carefully considered so Mom will have a special day. Another important factor is planning on who will be receiving the flowers. Your actual mother will likely appreciate a different bouquet than a wife and a mother will desire a different arrangement from her husband then from her children. Careful consideration of all of these factors and more will ensure that Mom will be smiling and cheerful when her flowers arrive.

This holiday was inspired by the floral industry and tradition had it that men would wear a carnation on this day to demonstrate their love for their mothers. Infamous curmudgeon, H. L. Mencken actually wrote a tirade against the holiday that appeared in papers across the nation. Mencken railed against the commercial holiday and ranted that any man that must prove his love for his mother must be a worthless cad. Mencken’s misgivings aside, any mother will appreciate a fine bouquet of fresh and pleasant smelling flowers from her son or daughter or family.

One of the best aspects of purchasing Mother’s day flowers is that you can do so from anywhere in the world. A simple phone call or click on the internet will have a fresh bouquet winging its way to Mom just in time for the special day. As many florists are quite busy during this holiday it is important to get your order in far in advance so as not to disappoint the woman who gave you life. If you are purchasing flowers for the mother of your own children this holiday you may want to stick with the classic gift of red roses. You can choose a rose for each child or simply have a dozen wrapped up for delivery. If you would like to surprise your wife while she is at work, be certain to place your order to come with an existing vase. This is a convenient service that many florists are currently offering. These vases come in many shapes and styles and can be used long after the holiday is over and the flowers have met their fate.

Many mothers will appreciate flowers such as pansies and daisies. Including some of these varieties in your bouquet will add a whimsical touch along with a splash of color. Sunflowers are always good when trying to make an impression on Mom. These delightful flowers are oversized and hearty and will usually last for well over a week. If you would like to choose a very special flower for Mom, then an orchid may be the best choice. These flowers are exquisite and will live for a long time with proper care. They are a gift that keeps on giving as Mom will think fondly of you each time she waters and trims her orchid. Matching a bouquet to the favorite color of your mom is also a great way to let her know that you were thinking of her on her very special day.