Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year
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Purple Butterflies orchid plant

Purple Butterflies 14002

Regular Price HK$ 799.00 Special Price HK$ 599.00
Dancing Orchids

Dancing Orchids 14007

Regular Price HK$ 799.00 Special Price HK$ 669.00
Purple Phalaenopsis orchid plant

Purple Phalaenopsis 14003

Regular Price HK$ 999.00 Special Price HK$ 769.00
I Love You Tatty Teddy

Full Moon Happiness 12905

HK$ 899.00
Glittering Gold flower arrangement

Glittering Gold 12901

HK$ 999.00
House Of Gold flower arrangement

House Of Gold 12902

HK$ 1,099.00
Avenda Silver Heart Pendant valentine flower

House Of Gold And Jade 12906

HK$ 1,099.00
Dancing Butterflies orchid plant

Dancing Butterflies 14004

Regular Price HK$ 1,499.00 Special Price HK$ 1,269.00
Affluent Home flower arrangement

Affluent Home 12903

HK$ 1,299.00
Prosperity Ahead flower arrangement

Prosperity Ahead 12904

HK$ 1,299.00
Grand Phalaenopsis orchid plant

Grand Phalaenopsis 14005

Regular Price HK$ 1,699.00 Special Price HK$ 1,399.00
Regal Phalaenopsis orchid plant

Regal Phalaenopsis 14006

Regular Price HK$ 2,299.00 Special Price HK$ 1,699.00
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