A Valentine Rose By Any Other Name

If you have something to say, sending flowers is one of the best ways to get your message across. This Valentine’s Day, make sure you say the right thing. After all, you don’t want to send the wrong message. When you take the time to pick out just the right flowers, your effort is part of your gift. Take the time to make sure you make the day just right.

Roses are the flower of choice for Valentine flowers. It turns out, they are the favorite flower of Venus, the goddess of love which is why they have special meaning when it comes to this holiday which rejoices the celebration of love.. Everyone knows red roses tell the recipient, “I love you,” but do you know what roses of other colors mean? If not, here’s a brief rundown.

If you want to let your sweetheart know you care for the time being and want the relationship to continue, yellow roses mean friendship but no commitment. If you are thanking that special someone for being a caring person but acknowledging the connection is just beginning, pale pink, peach, or deep pink roses will convey your meaning.

Light pink roses tell of joy and happiness. That lets the recipient know something special is going on without making any promises. For Valentine’s Day, white flowers say, “You are an angel, and I can’t wait to see you again.”

If you are madly in love and don’t want any confusion about the way you feel, you have a few options including: lilac roses which state you have been suddenly smitten, coral roses which speak of passion, orange roses which tell of desire, and two roses intertwined. In the case of the last choice, attaching a ring would clarify your intentions and let you set the date on this special day dedicated to romance.

If you want to get creative, try a mixed bouquet of roses. Mixing white and yellow tells of harmony. If you really connect with someone, this is a good choice. Putting red and yellow roses together describes celebration and joy. White and red roses let that special someone know there is a harmonious bond between the two of you.

However, if you want to see that not-so-special relationship end, once and for all, roses can do the job, and they don’t have to cost a dime. A dozen dead roses, of any color, will make that statement. You can be sure there will be no misunderstanding.

Whatever you decide to do this Valentine’s Day, enjoy the day especially reserved for those who want to take the time to tell someone he or she is cared for with Valentine flowers. If dinner is part of the picture, consider having the roses delivered at the restaurant. Imagine watching his or face light up when the flowers arrive. The loving look on your face will underscore their meaning. You will be able to enjoy the results of your efforts. After all, there’s nothing like shining a spotlight on the one you love.