The Different Varieties Of Valentines Flowers And What Each Of Them Symbolizes

Giving and receiving flowers on valentines is a time honored tradition that is religiously followed by countless lovers from all over the world on the 14th day of February of every year. This beautiful tradition is anchored on a code of specific meaning for each particular flower. The most popular valentine flowers lovers send to each other is the elegant and classic rose. This is the perfect flower if you would like to convey a message that is guaranteed to elicit affection from your lover. Even though the red rose is the most popular flower, there are other colors and flowers that will convey your love and adoration. It is acceptable to combine different colours to express how you feel.

Red Rose

This is the ultimate symbol of romantic love and passion that is long lasting. A red rose signifies beautiful love that is stronger than thorns. Delivering a single rose shows that you are deeply in love with the recipient. You can send a bouquet with both red and white roses to signify unity.

Orange Roses

These are only rivaled by the red rose as a perfect means of expressing your affection. Orange roses express enthusiastic attraction and admiration in addition to undertones of passionate excitement.

Lilac And Purple Roses

These are valentine flowers with mystical connotations of enchantment. You can send a bunch of lilac and purple flower to convey cautious desire. This is a great way to tell someone it was love at first sight.

White Roses

These flowers have been used for ages to symbolize young love that is pure and true. You can use this flower to express your loyalty. White roses can also be used to convey your longing to be with the recipient.

Pink Roses

This color symbolizes gentle feminine elegance that is refined. You can choose different shades of pink to express different feelings. Choosing a pale hue signifies gentle grace coupled with admiration. To express gracious appreciation, a deep pink will do the trick.

Peach Roses

Choose a rich peach color to express your appreciation and desire to make valentines a memorable day for your lover.

While roses are the most common flowers lovers exchange on valentines, there are other blooms you can use effectively. These include:


This is a beautiful flower you can use to express your love and fascination with the recipient. If you would like to say that you are enchanted, this is the flower to send.

Red Chrysanthemum

This bloom conveys love and fidelity. Use these flowers to reassure the recipient that your vows remain unbroken.


These are popular valentine flowers that convey feelings of thoughtful regard accompanied by chivalry and pleasure. A daffodil is a great way of saying the recipient is special and highly valued.


This is a timeless classic that is justifiably popular. A carefully arranged bouquet will express perfect love that is romantic. You will not find a better way of expressing how intoxicated you are with your lover.

Floral symbolism for valentines is wide ranging and depends on the flower used. It is impossible to go wrong if you stick with the time tested methods of flower meanings. Your romance is also bound to be reignited with new fervor.