About Us

More than most other cities, Hong Kong is a place filled with good fortune. With its multi-cultural heritage and position as gateway to the world, there is always a great deal for everyone to celebrate. A tastefully designed floral arrangement can add so much to any propitious occasion. When it comes time to call a local florist, Hong Kong knows that the only real answer is www.floristhongkong.com.hk.

Whether it is for a long planned celebration, a recurring weekly event, or a sudden impulse, Florist Hong Kong is ready at a moment’s notice to provide superior bouquets at surprisingly affordable prices. Not only that, but we are the absolute top of the line experts in getting deliveries done on time. We know the territory and can get your order filled first and delivered faster than anyone else.

On top of our reputation for the finest flowers at the most generous prices, we know that there is more to life than a profit and loss statement. That is why we only use the most environmentally friendly suppliers to provide the longest lasting and purest specimens to their customers. Sustainable methods of agriculture only come from people who care enough to support the earth with more than just slogans.